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Party Packages...

Add excitement to your next event or party with airbrush artists.
Custom painted party favors for your guests to take home!

No matter if you have 25 people or 2500...
We can produce a package thats right for you and your budget!

Airbrushed Favors - 1-8 Airbrush Artists with Assistants

Welcome to one of the best custom airbrush entertainers' you can have for your son's or daughter's barmitzvah, batmitzvah, sweet 16, or even your neighborhood block party. We design and make custom airbrushed party favors on location for the kids attending party. We can also create 1000 items in our location studios for your guests as well.

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How it works:

We airbrush your guests name or design on ONE item of their choice with designs we have posted on our display board. Each child gets to choose ONE design they like most. We airbrush the design they want right there on the spot while they watch. (If we should happen to be unavailable for your event, we can provide the airbrished favors in advance at a reduced cost).

They walk away happy!


Price varies on quantity of items ordered, amount of hours, how many artists are needed and location.

You can choose 1 or 2 of these items for your event: T-shirts, trucker hats, mousepads, boxershorts, visors, bandanas, hand towels, or can coolers.

We also offer Hooded Sweatshirts, Beach Towels, Long Sleeve Tees, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Soffe Shorts and much more!!(Call for Pricing)

We can accomodate any event within a 5hr period up to 200 pieces. Any more than that will require an additional artist for the job.

We offer Party Packages from 3 to 6hrs depending on how many kids will be in attendance.

(Please Call for Pricing)

If you choose to supply your own garments, then the cost will be a flat rate per length of the party.

Also Available:

A tattoo... hmm... Ever thought about getting one? Afraid of the pain and the needles? What about sanitation? Pretty scary, huh? Why not get one at your next party?

• The beauty of our temporary tattoo art is that it looks absolutely real. Virtually no one will be able to tell the difference between your temporary tattoo and the real thing.

• Airbrushed fantasy designs are non-toxic and will last up to 5 days even after you shower.

• Pricing: Please Call for Pricing

• We are available to meet your needs anywhere in the northeastern part of the United States. (Long Island, NYC, NJ, CT).

Entertainers...Ask Us About Wholesale Prices!!

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